zhitkeevYerzhan Shynkeev believed in himself , he started to turn –

Member of the Olympic Games in Sydney and Athens Olympic silver medalist in Beijing, and today the Director of Development of Kazakhstan Judo Federation Askhat Zhitkeev described the preparation of the national team of Kazakhstan to the World Cup , reports

– The development of judo in Kazakhstan is fruitful and a good pace. Last year we traveled to regions where conducted seminars for coaches, sports days during the Karaganda also led a seminar for several days in a job that attracts foreign specialists. It is sad, however, that not all regions have responded and sent their coaches. Overall, as I said, the development is quite well, we are waiting for a certain recovery after the World Cup, which will be held in our capital. If our team will perform at the desired level, more young people will come in judo.

– In your opinion, what Kazakhstan can apply for this tournament? What medal is planning?

– Plan the coaches put the medal, but it is very difficult to predict the results of specific athletes. There are good guys in the categories of 60, 66, 73 kilograms, 90,100. Islam Bozbayev is like normal part. I think the coaching staff put up by two people in these scales, the other three men will be distributed to the other weights, but this I think so. Closer to the start will be seen who will deliver. However, the names can not now say exactly who can qualify for medals, not to offend anyone. In addition, there is still one or two starts , in which the coaches will be looking for athletes, and only then determine the final composition of the team.

– How do you currently assess the physical and emotional state of Maxim Rakov ?

– Maxim fought at the Asian Championship , won the silver medal , then made in Morocco in the tournament masters. In Asia, I believe Maxim could do , shall we say, not at the limit of his capabilities, everything was very hard , but at the Masters already more or less , although it admitted some mistakes . I think , however, that for the World Cup Maxim Rakov fit and in good condition , especially the guy he is responsible , the plowman . He himself will lead up to the championship, and coaches , too, will try to Maxim came in Astana in optimal condition .

– Once, after a not very successful performances of Maxim, you said that it is necessary to understand themselves and their emotional components. What do you think now, he coped with its internal problems?

– I think that is already managed. He already thinks differently, it is felt even in conversation with him. He’s already a mature athlete, but with age comes other thoughts, people are preparing another, differently configured. For the Olympics, he should pull out and prepare. Because the age of the solution, there are other strong competitors. Especially in his weight – 100 kilograms a lot of competitors.

– What about the Yerzhan Shynkeev ?

– Yerzhan pleased the championship , he struggled well . A little faith in himself , and he started to turn . Bronze award in the team championship of Asia – it is a merit Yerzhan Shynkeev .

– Tell me, please , after the Olympics, after which time you decided to end his career ? How was the process of becoming a civil servant ?
– After the Olympics, I have for some time had been lost in thought , and when he left to administrative work , of course , at first it was hard , I could not understand , I will still fight or not. But then I adapted .

– After all, how long kimono has become a business suit ?

– Well, the kimono still remains a form of my work , too . I participate in training camp , so I can say that I have not yet kimono removed and do not want to shoot . I like to be in a kimono , so I feel equally good in a kimono and wearing a jacket.

Karaganda worry that our heavyweights – Maxim Rakov and Yerzhan Shynkeev after the Olympic Games will leave the sky and who will replace them?

– In Karaganda grow another generation of athletes. And the fact that while there was in full view of other wrestlers – this is a temporary phenomenon. It always happens when the leaders for a long time and keep the palm in the categories do not miss anyone. Break through the other, as always happens. As far as I know, a lot of Karaganda and Temirtau talented youth in areas a lot of guys competing for places in the national youth team, which then will place among adults.