Tell us about your future plans

– Well, between 6- 24 December and in January 2015, we are planning to train. In 2015 we have a lot of competitions such as Grand Prix and Grand Slam. But without words, the main event for us is the World Judo Championship in Astana. In July the license competitions are going to take place. Definitely we have to participate in the event, because we need to gain points to Olympic games, and we have not much time left.

How will girls be sorted out to women’s national team for the Olympics?3707d8f2be163bd14c78cf07586f13bb_m

– Indeed, it is more difficult for women in that way, because according to the rating man should in number of top 22 athletes to get into, but for women there are just 14 places.

How could you describe the level of women’s preparation for the Olympics?

– In 2013, when I was appointed as a head coach, we did not participate in many competitions, just carried out the tests. That time the level of girls’ training was lower, fortunately now moved up to one level. And now as to the different licensing competitions allocated funds, I think the girls from 2-3 weight categories will receive a ticket to the

What competition with are you going to start the next year?

– Defnitely not with big ones, I suppose we will start with low level competitions.

Do we have any athletes who changed weight category?

– For example, Fayzollanova Zamzagul last year fought for 70 kg, but now her weight category is 63kg. Among youth Aykunim Tuytekova has started to fight for 48 kg, but used to perform 52 kg weight category. In contrast Zhanar Kashkyn fought for 63kg, now her weight is up than 70kg.

Is Gulzhan Issanova in a fit? What are you expecting from her performance?

– She started to prepare to the Astana Grand Prix just before one month left. In my opinion, if she had more time she would be one of our contestants to Olympics.

Your wishes to the New Year……

– I wish to Federation administration, to all coaches and athletes all the best. May the New Year will bring new victories and achievements.

Thanks for your interview, let your aims come true!