What works have been done to improve the quality of national team’s trainings?42121f00ffc451d0c288e11c1f28cbd4_m

-To improve the quality of national team’s trainings the Belgian trainer Alexandr Jatskevitch was invited as a trainer- consultant, who trained more than 10 medalist champions of Olympic games and Championships, and about 50 champions and medalists of European Championships. He is a medalist of Olympic games, Championships, triple champion of Europe, and sport director of European Union of Judo. With his direct participation, there has been made the plan for training men’s national team for 2014 and 2015.

How many tournaments have been held in Kazakhstan in 2014 in a whole?

This year has been held: 4 championships of Kazakhstan among different age groups, 5 tournaments among adults, with participation of the neighbor countries, 6 tournaments among youth and teenagers, including for the first time Opened Cup of Asia among Juniors in Karaganda.
Special mentioned should be held “Grand Prix”, where took part 300 sportsmen from 38 countries, that was in 2014 in Astana. Our judokas won 2 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze medals. International Federation of Judo put an excellent mark for conducting “Grand Prix”.

Is there any support to sport schools in regions?

Federation of Judo regularly keep consolidating material- technical base in districts. In less than two years 13 tatami and 178 kimono suits were allocated to different schools and judo departments

What works have been done to advanced training of coaches and referees?

For advanced training of coaches, referees and sportsmen Federation pay much attention. In international seminars and courses of advanced training participated about thirty coaches and referees of Kazakhstan.

A lot of attention is paid for teaching on the working places, conducting seminars and workshops in the regions with the invitation of foreign experts and domestic judo masters. Only in 2014 Kazakhstan held seven such seminars.
Pays great attention to the training of athletes, members of the national team of Kazakhstan. Almost all of them had either graduated from university or studying in various universities and other educational institutions to enable them after the sports career smoothly adapt to everyday life.

What medical aid is provided to athletes?

One of the most important of the Federation is the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of athletes after various injuries and illnesses. Regular medical examination, treatment and rehabilitation in the leading clinics and centers of Kazakhstan and abroad helps maintain the required fitness level and quality treatment of athletes.

Thanks to the support and assistance of the Confederation only this year our leading judokas Bozbaev Islam and Sergey Lim received highly qualified medical treatment abroad and are undergoing rehabilitation.

In conjunction with the Anti-Doping Center conducts serious outreach to prevent the use of illicit drugs. Taking place individual facts related only to ignorance of athletes and coaches complete list of banned drugs, beverages and dietary supplements. Recently, much attention is paid to the promotion of “Fair play”.

Tell us about the promotion of judo in Kazakhstan?

A popularization of judo at a high enough level in Kazakhstan. Federation website is constantly updating information, all the activities covered by the media. Particularly, it is in close contact with the Federation of the TV channel “Kazsport” that allows judo fans to watch on the screen all the most interesting moments of judokas’ every day and competitive lives.

What is the role of the Confederation in the development of judo?

After the creation of the Confederation many issues of material and financial trends were removed. Increased the list of sport facilities for training camps, as well as their high quality equipment and food.

What important events are expected for the next year?

An important event for Kazakhstan sport is the decision of the International Judo Federation to host the World Cup 2015 in Astana, which will contribute to further promotion of judo in Kazakhstan.

In September 2013 capsule in the foundation of the Center for judo in Almaty was laid by President of the IJF Marius Vizer, president of the Judo Federation of Kazakhstan Kenes Rakishev and Akim of Almaty Akhmetzhan Yesimov . The completion of construction is planning in 2015.

What do you wish in the new year to your colleagues and judo fans?

– First of all, I would like to thank the heads of departments of sport fields and president of the Federation, that make maximum support judo in their regions, as well as the development of judo in our country. May all colleagues, coaches, athletes and our fans success, joy and family well-being!

Thanks for the interview!