83c2446a0896df0a1f4af01c940ae1d9_mThe fact that it was not possible to do four years ago in Guangzhou, came this time – Kazakhstan judoka Marian Urdabaeva (63 kg) won the petite final and became the bronze medalist of the Asian Games (September 19 – October 4).

The previous “Asian Games” Urdabaeva lost the fight for third place, so she went in Incheon at least complete the conquest of bronze. Fortunately, she did it. In the showdown strong Mongol Mungunchimeg Baldorzh was bitten.

As for the performance of our other collections, the best results were shown by Dastan Ykybaev (73 kg) and Aziz Kalkamanuly (81 kg). Both failed in the petite finals and finished fifth.

Nazgul Kubasheva (57 kg) left out “of the Asian Games,” after the starting fight and Dinara Kudarova (70 kg) was stopped at “comforting.

Marian Urdabaeva’s Way:
pool B
Gulzhaz Saimova (Kyrgyzstan) – Victory
Dzhunksiya Young (China) – defeat

Kiyomi Watanabe (Philippines) – Victory
petite final
Mungunchimeg Baldorzh (Mongolia) – Victory
63 kg final standings:

1 Da-Woon Jung (South Korea)
2 Dzhunksiya Young (China)
3 Marian Urdabaeva (Kazakhstan), Kana Abe (Japan)

Nazgul Kubasheva’s way:
pool D
Ohm Pongchalie (Thailand) – defeat

Dinara Kudarova’s way:
pool C
Nasiba Surkieva (Turkmenistan) – Victory
Chizuru Arai (Japan) – Defeat
Joon Kim San (North Korea) – Defeat

Dastan Ykybaev’s way:
pool B
Gilbert Ramirez (Philippines) – Victory
Odbayar Ganbatar (Mongolia) – Defeat
Zeyad Mater (Yemen) – Victory
petite final
Kuk Hyun Hong (North Korea) – Defeat

Aziz Kalkamanuly’s way:
pool A
Putu Viradamunga Adesta (Indonesia) – Victory
Yahyo Imams (Uzbekistan) – Victory
Nachif Elias (Libya) – Defeat
petite final
Dagvasuren Nyamsuren (Mongolia) – Defeat